Meet the Team

What started out as Josh and Rebekah in their living room has turned from a passion project into a rapidly growing team of SEO fanatics. 

Our team culture has an emphasis on growth, joy, and clarity as we land your site on the first page of Google.

It’s our mission to create the clearest, highest-value, and most trustworthy SEO on the market, propelling our clients to become expert voices in their fields. 

We also like making friends and bad puns.

Meet our purpose-driven team — we think they’re pretty delightful.

Rebekah Edwards — Co-Founder & CEO

Rebekah has been passionate about creating high-quality content for years, beginning as a freelancer for in 2014. By 2017, she had moved into a position as a staff writer and managing compliance editor for the site. From 2018-2020, Rebekah was the managing editor for, delving further into the incredible capabilities of SEO to establish a brand online. 

While in this role, she co-founded Clara (formerly Content Creators Agency) in February 2019, dedicated to creating the most trustworthy and clear SEO on the market that brings value to both clients and consumers.

Offline, Rebekah is equally committed to creating a high-value life. She is a proud wife, foster parent, adoptive mom, and best friend to her Great Dane, Molly. While raised in West Virginia as the daughter of a preacher, she somehow managed to escape without an accent. 

When she’s not singing on stage or in the studio as an occasional recording artist, she can be found waging a boisterous campaign in D&D or driving faster than you in Mario Kart. She can’t wait to put as much enthusiasm into building your online authority as she does into…well, everything.

Josh Edwards — Co-Founder & CFO

Josh Edwards is our CFO and one of the co-founders of Clara. After studying journalism in college, he continued his passion for writing and business as an entrepreneur. Without him, there would be no Clara!

As the CFO for a growing agency, he works hard to support sustainable growth and expand our offerings.

Josh spends his free time creating characters for Dungeons & Dragons, homeschooling his and Rebekah’s teenage son, and investigating all things cryptocurrency.

T. Josiah Haynes — Head of SEO

T. Josiah (we call him TJ) is Head of SEO and has worked for Clara since March 2019. He also writes books, teaches music and theater, and acts and directs in Nashville’s theatre scene.

His original musical, Greener Pastures, debuted Summer 2019, and his next original musical is slated for Summer 2022.

Amanda Lutz — Senior Editor & Head of People Ops

Amanda Lutz is Clara’s Senior Editor and Head of People Ops. She’s been with Clara since April 2019, even working remotely from Australia at one point. She loves a great conversation over an iced coffee, hiking the stunning trails that surround Nashville, and trying her hand at interior design. Her current projects include writing her first book, sprucing up her blog, and overanalyzing reality TV contestants.

Paige Guzman — Admin Coordinator

Paige is Clara’s Administrative Coordinator. When she’s not at Clara, she loves to be with people! Whether it’s splashing in the water with her 4 kids, laughing with her husband Mike, or hanging out with friends she’s always down for a good time.

Aaron Lutz — SEO Specialist & Web Dev

Aaron is Clara’s web developer and SEO Specialist, caring for the technical side of your site. He’s a Nashville native with an entrepreneurial spirit. When he’s not working, he can be found off in the woods: hiking, camping, or playing guitar near a campfire he built himself.

Content nerds, unite!

Love content, SEO, and bad puns? There are no current open roles at Clara, but we’re expanding quickly.

To be considered for future openings on our team, contact amanda [at] with your resume and portfolio.

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