About Clara

Making SEO trustworthy.

Great organic SEO starts and ends with a stellar experience.

That means you can:

  • Understand what we say,
  • Trust us to create accurate, engaging, reliable content for your website visitors, and
  • See the results of your investment with clear, data-driven analytics.

Are you sick of keyword data dumps and charts that make no sense? Done with the lame, samey content that you can find on thousands of other sites?

Us, too.

So, we flipped the script.

As an agency focused on building organic traffic, we aim to be transparent and effective.

Every page we touch is designed to create a content experience, not just make Google happy.

We don’t dazzle you with industry terms and acronyms (even though we could) — instead, we talk to you like a human.

You get regular updates on exactly what we’re doing to grow your organic reach.

Our team stays up-to-date with the ever-changing standards of SEO to keep you on the cutting edge of organic search.

We promise never to oversell our results. When something isn’t working, we figure it out together, not sweep it under the rug.

We’ll probably use corny pop culture references in our emails with you, and we hope you’re okay with that.

Clara is about crafting trustworthy content that attracts views and drives conversions. We make it simple so that you can get back to what you love – running your business.

We dig clarity.

In Latin, “clara” means bright and clear.

That word describes us so much that we made it our name.

Our logo was inspired by visualizing clarity.

Like a prism, we create clarity for you and every user that reaches your site — without sacrificing brilliance and depth.

Over time, our clients have doubled, tripled, and even 591x’d their traffic, all thanks to clarity. (Also, if you know a better word for 519x’d, we’d love to hear it!)

How It Started

Finding innovative ways to meet clients’ needs is how our story began.

Rebekah’s freelance writing clients were all running into the same walls when it came to content.

They could find freelance writers, but struggled to hire great editors and SEO experts to nail strategy and valuable keywords. 

Plus, most SEO agencies were throwing buzzwords around, making it difficult for even smart business owners to understand how to succeed online and rank in search engine results.

These brands needed more than another piece of content. They needed a vision.

Josh, forever a problem-solver, suggested a turnkey process:

  1. Start with a strategy, not just random keywords.
  2. Outline the piece in a way that matches search intent.
  3. Write engaging content with a clear brand voice.
  4. Edit the content with fresh eyes, optimizing for the end-user.
  5. Send a completed piece to the client, no extra work required.

That process met a need, and Clara was born.

Josh & Rebekah Edwards, Founders of Clara

How It’s Going

As our portfolio of clients grew, so did the breadth of what we offer. Requests poured in from happy clients — technical audits, engaging and clear online courses, and comprehensive content strategies with pre-selected keywords.

We answered each call and broadened our services.

Not only did we want to meet our clients’ needs, but we also wanted to establish ourselves as a trustworthy, clear source of information for business owners looking to understand SEO. 

Running a company is difficult enough without people throwing terms like “XML sitemap” at you.

That’s where we come in. We aim to be clear, kind, and trustworthy in our pursuit of producing the best content and websites possible.

Your voice matters.

We’ll make sure it’s heard loud and clear, and we’ll have fun while we do it.

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