SEO Site Management Services

Website management is a significant time commitment — let us handle it for you.

Search engine optimization not only requires high-quality content creation, but also skillfully constructed web pages that offer an incredible user experience. This is even more true for organic search, where your website speaks for itself.

A well-maintained and regularly optimized site can boost your search engine results, drive more organic traffic to your page, and keep your online presence tailored to the ever-changing priorities of Google.

With Clara managing your website, you’ll receive ongoing optimization and benefits such as:

  • Refreshed content. Your content needs housekeeping to keep it at the top of search engine results. Our SEO experts will ensure that it’s updated as needed, continuing to optimize your existing articles and pages.
  • Content uploads. New content uploads can be time-consuming and complex. Our team will make sure each item on your upload checklist is covered (plus a few you probably haven’t thought of yet!).
  • Ongoing updates to internal linking. We’ll make sure your site stays up to date as you publish new content, updating your pages and posts regularly.
  • Link building strategy and execution. Our SEO agency will establish credible backlinks, suggest opportunities for guest posts, and offer your thoughts as expert quotes on various sites.
  • Regular audits and fixes to broken links, redirect loops, and other common technical issues. Keep those pesky 404s at bay! We’ll keep an eye on broken links and other issues that may crop up over time.
  • Added and updated image alt text. Use Google Image Search to your advantage. 
  • Consistently optimized page title tags and meta descriptions for top pages. This keeps your content freshened up and in line with the current SERP for keywords.
  • Silo creation. We’ll streamline your content into categories that help you rank and establish your domain authority.
  • Web development support. Don’t have a web dev on hand to help with more complex issues? Our web development team can offer a helping hand. (NOTE: Web dev services are billed at a separate rate.)

Like everything else we do, we’ll customize your maintenance plan to your brand’s individual needs.

It’s exhausting to keep a thriving website up to date when you’re busy running your business. Save your time and energy for the growth you’re passionate about, and leave the maintenance up to an SEO company that cares.

If you’re looking for web development, we also offer an option for building new portions of your website, troubleshooting development issues, and developmental updates. All of our development work includes page optimization for Google Search.

Typical Investment

The typical investment for Clara’s SEO website management falls between $900-$4,500/month. This is determined by the size of your site, its current structure and organization, and your desired tasks.

We recommend our SEO services for website management as a package along with our content writing services. This will allow us to regularly create and maintain a sleek site that keeps up with every Google tweak and trend, allowing your pages to stay at the top of the SERP.

Want a ready-made team to manage your site’s SEO needs? We’d love to help.*

*Please note: These slots are reserved for potential clients only. If you’re interested in sharing your product with us, looking for an expert quote, want to work for us, or have any other questions, contact us here. Non-client bookings will be automatically canceled.