SEO Website Audit

If your site offers a bad user experience, it doesn’t matter if your content is good.

Unsure why your site isn’t ranking? Want to know what could take your website to the next level? Our audit is designed to answer those questions with an SEO website audit, giving you a detailed understanding of your next steps to search engine success.

We recommend SEO site audits to give your content the best foundation for being able to rank. You can put out the best content on the web, but without a streamlined and optimized site, it can’t perform at its best.

Business owners: Don’t let site issues prevent you from being heard online.

In the words of Kanye, we want to eliminate SEO issues so your page can perform “harder, better, faster, stronger.”

During our SEO website audit, we complete an analysis of your entire site. Our goal is incredible optimization for your site’s backend as well as the content.

We divide this deep dive into 4 categories that can affect your ranking factors:

1. Recommendations to repair technical issues within your site. These can include broken links, wonky internal links, backlink problems, redirect loops, site map issues, page display issues, duplicate content, title tag and meta length problems, and HTTP/HTTPS inconsistencies. 

2. Site speed and Core Web Vitals recommendations. We look for problems with image loading or unnecessary code that bogs down your load time. Your pages will be audited to recommend what can be stripped to increase site speed according to Google’s PageSpeed Insights. Core Web Vitals are part of a June & July Core Algorithm update for 2021 and are integral to Google’s ranking of your site.

3. UX recommendations. This part of auditing involves all things user experience — think mobile display problems, title, author, and date recommendations, ad display issues, scrolling problems, and content hub organization for your web pages.

4. Recommendations for optimizing copy on your static pages. We’ll compile SEO analysis of your existing copy on key landing pages throughout your site, plus your home page. We want to ensure your ranking for the branded terms and top 2-3 target keywords that are most important to your company.

Our technical SEO audit is designed to be clear and trustworthy. We will present it to you straightforwardly, no jargon needed.

Typical Investment

Our SEO audit costs $3,000 and can be performed once in a 12-month period. 

Once it’s complete, you can hand it to your webmaster or partner with Clara as we take care of your site. Implementing our recommendations from the audit will give your website SEO the facelift it needs to rank in organic searches.

If you want to ensure a beautifully maintained online presence, we recommend our SEO website management services along with this audit.

We recommend a site audit annually to ensure a high-quality experience for your users and a perfectly optimized website for organic traffic.

If you’re looking for answers and analytics for your website’s SEO problems, let’s talk.*

*Please note: These slots are reserved for potential clients only. If you’re interested in sharing your product with us, looking for an expert quote, want to work for us, or have any other questions, contact us here. Non-client bookings will be automatically canceled.