Content Strategy Services

Online content without a plan is just noise. ​

A great content strategy, on the other hand, is the key to dominating your niche and establishing trust in your brand’s voice. 

Without a comprehensive strategy, your great content will go unseen.

We take our combined years of experience, together with a litany of tools of the trade, and blend keyword research, trends, and scheduling to create your 12-month plan to succeed in SERPs.

Together, we’ll create a bespoke SEO content strategy for your business that search engines will love.

Our strategic approach empowers you to stop guessing and start ranking.

Combining industry opportunities, competitor analysis, in-depth keyword research, and strategic content calendar planning, we’ll develop a plan you can use for the next 12 months.

In crafting your content strategy, we analyze opportunities for new keywords, current growth trends within your industry, and what’s resonating with your target audience.

Our Content Strategy includes:

  • Industry trends analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword data analysis 
  • A 12-month content calendar based on how often you want to publish new content
  • Optimization suggestions for existing articles and internal links
  • An overall summary of findings for how to move forward and the potential opportunities in your space
  • A follow-up meeting to discuss the summary of findings

You’ll walk away with a crystallized understanding of what high-quality content looks like for your brand and a step-by-step plan for content creation that works with Google’s algorithm. Each piece of content is suggested with search engine optimization and readability in mind.

Typical Investment

A content strategy is a comprehensive endeavor that leaves you with a year of customized ideas for organic search traffic.

Depending on the number of keywords and your preferred publishing cadence, our content strategy services range from $3,000-$7,500 for a 12-month period.

At Clara, we don’t believe in anything less than efficient content marketing, and we won’t waste your time with a haphazard approach. If you don’t yet have a strategy for your pieces of content over the next year, we will happily make one for you.

From here, we recommend our content writing services to propel your pages into the spotlight.

“Spray and pray” isn’t a content strategy. Let’s partner to make a plan that works for your brand.*

*Please note: These slots are reserved for potential clients only. If you’re interested in sharing your product with us, looking for an expert quote, want to work for us, or have any other questions, contact us here. Non-client bookings will be automatically canceled.